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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gameon's List of 5: Must Have Titles Come November

Believe me picking just 5 titles among the Wii's already amazing launch lineup was extremely troublesome.

Here are my picks (in no particular order):

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess- Ok I know that this one is a no brainer but this is going to be Nintendo's crown jewel. Graphically it looks phenomenal and with the new wii-mote controls, this one is for sure going to change how we play Zelda. 70 Plus hours of adventure, Dungeons, Horses, Bad-Ass enemies and being described as "the best Zelda ever" makes this title makes me grin from ear to ear. This is the first time a Zelda title will be launching with a new Nintendo system so make sure you get this one on day 1!

Excite Truck- Crazy jumps, blazing fast speeds and amazing control, what's there not to love about this title? The gameplay seems reminiscent of the highly addictive Burnout series, and looks like it's going to be amazing when 1 or more and gathered together. It's also made by Nintendo and the franchise will be welcomed with open arms come November.

Super Monkey Ball- If anyone else has spent as much time with the previous 2 titles, you automatically know why this title is on the list. Face it- Monkey Ball was bred for the wii-mote and is going to be a fantastic play when you hold your Wii parties.

Red Steel- You have to love the love that good old Ubi-Soft is giving the Nintendo Wii. This quality FPS will be a good blend of traditional FPS shooting mixed with amazing sword play. I say get this title just to support 3rd parties alone. A lot of my buddies who have recently played the game at a managers convention say that the title played really well and looked great. One of them even stated that when he scratched his arm, and was pleasantly surprised when the onscreen character moved his gun to how his arm was physically positioned.

Rayman Raving Rabbids- One thing that was unanimous with every manager I talked to was that RRR is going to be a sleeper hit. This title alone has the potential to sell Nintendo Wii's alone and gamers need to get their hands on this title. The title is said to be very polished and is a must buy come November 19th. It's the mix of fun gameplay and humor make this one hard to miss.

And there you have it gamers. These are probably the 5 titles that I plan on purchasing with my Wii. Which ones are you going to buy?