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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No News is Good News?

I used to think that the above quote was fiction. I never used to believe that "no news was good news": but hear me gamers, next month is going to be good. You see gamers, we are in the summer drought. It happens every year and probably will continue to happen.

Next month Nintendo will take part in numerous shows and conventions highlighting their 5th console Wii. It is there that we will learn more about our innovation and hear more about release dates and its mysterious virtual console. I am hear to simply tell you, "sit tight". We are on the brink of something amazing. An innovative system and something that will for sure change the way "wii" play games.

Take this time and really play those titles that you haven't beat yet. I have been playing a decent amount of DS lately and it has been great. Take this "drought period" and replay some games. Have fun gamers, Wii is right around the corner. How are you guys keeping busy this summer? Leave a comment in the comment section and let everyone know! Anyone can leave a comment so have fun with it. GAME ON and thanks for stopping by.