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Friday, July 21, 2006

More Wii News

Hey guys some new details have popped up recently over at IGN regarding Nintendo Wii. Here are the highlights:

*The recent news of Crash Bandicoot coming to the Wii is false;
*Excite Truck is looking like being a launch game now and is further along than what Nintendo was letting on;
*After the success of Naruto on the GC in the US, the 3rd and 4th versions from Japan will instead be put out on the Wii in the US;
*When the Virtual Console launches, 20-30 games will be made available straight away;
*The Leipzig Games Convention taking place in Germany next month will probably reveal some more Wii titles.

Is anyone else pumped about seeing new Wii titles next month? It seems like this is going to be a strong launch period for Nintendo's 5th console and an even stronger 1st year. Excite truck at launch is a nice little surprise. We will keep you updated as always so keep it here gamers. Game ON! Enjoy some gameplay footage of excite truck below.