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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Conspiracy Theory: Wii Launch Date *UPDATE*

Recently our good friends over at Nintendo have revealed a lineup of games that they will be bringing out on a console near you. When they released this list, the big "N" had some mysterious words in regards to the release of their 5th console Wii. Immediately the internet went into a frenzy on who, what, where, when and why Nintendo will release the Wii. The magic date that people thought they revealed: October 2nd.

At first I was going to totally dismiss this rumor and not even consider posting it but it seems as though some of the "bigger" websites have even taken notice. Gamers I am just as confused as you are. Part of me wants to believe that Nintendo is going to surprise us all and release early, but the other part thinks that an October release is not in the cards. One thing is for sure, this rumor certainly has captured the interest of many internet sites.

I have found that the most in depth site that has provided a wealth of information can be found here. Do you guys think Nintendo has placed us a well thought out riddle, or is this just for generating a hype for the systems launch?

**UPDATE**- I am sure now that the cats out of the bag and everyone is going to be reporting release date theories, I will be updating this story as the day goes on. Keep it here gamers as I think this deserves much attention. Keep those fingers on the refresh button! PS3 comes out on or around the 13th of November. Nintendo will probably release their system before this date. The recent chatter on the internet now points to a release of either early October or November 6th. Just for a quick reference Nintendo LTD. was founded on November 6th 1889.... Have to love rumors! I will try and do some more digging so keep it here.