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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Virtual Reality Saga Continues...

I wish I had a straight answer. I wish I could end all the speculation and rumors but I can't. The infamous rumor that the Revolution will have some sort of virtual reality/3-dimensional viewing still crops up. The Revolution rumor that wont die comes from an "anonymous" source going by the moniker "Discreet." This "source" is quoted as saying "I would just like to say that at E3 2006, they will 100% no doubt be revealing a virtual reality gadget that functions with the revolution. The source I got this from also states that Nintendo has been working with E-D in the past and with 3DH. At E3, Nintendo will allow revolution controllers to be tested and virtual reality suits for special guests. High Status 3DH staff will appear and describe about the new technology and how the brain reads this new technology. That's all I can reveal in this tip. Also about the pictures, I cannot release them, I was not even suppose to tell people about this." BIG thanks to this quality site for the above story.

I am in the middle of this one. One side of me thinks that there is a certain amount of truth to this rumor, and yet one side of me says that there is no way possible that this will come true. All I know is that this has been sparking a huge debate in the gaming world and has people talking. Everyone get ready- E3 is only 69 days away!