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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This year, the KING will go back on his Thrown...Ramblings of a Nintendo fan.

Maybe it's the fact the I am a Nintendo fan. Maybe it's hope that I am holding onto. Maybe it's an old school gamer in me rooting for the underdog. Maybe, just maybe, it's reality. Will Nintendo deliver its knockout blow when they release the Nintendo Revolution System? Will they capture their reign as champion of the console ring? There are a number of factors that seem to be aligning in Nintendo's sky that could very well bring them back to the top of the mountain. Gamers-THIS YEAR the king of video games goes back on their thrown! First-Nintendo Revolution System (NRS) will be a small, quiet, CHEAP system. It will be cheap to buy and cheap to develop for. 3rd party developers are already used to the architecture of the system due to its similarity of the gamecube, so producing a game might have a nice turn around; time-wise. Let's just hope that 3rd parties will flock to the system like they say. 2nd- Online. Nintendo DS has had an unbelievable following. More than 3 million people signed on the service and over 500,000 regular online users. Super Smash online, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and others will pave the future for Nintendo. 3rd-Image. Nintendo is trying to shed its "kiddy" image. They need to produce a sleek and attractive image. With a stylish new look, they are on the right track. 4th-Zelda Twilight Princess. This is the big one. We all know that NRS will be backwards compatible, so I think Nintendo will be releasing this BOMBSHELL close to, or on the release of the system. Lastly- The wild card; The 3-dimensional controller. Perfect fit for FPS, RTS, and Innovation. The controller will have a "shell" to make it more of a conventional controller, but the true test will be how companies will utilize this "freestyle" controller. There is also one more thing......Oh Mario......where have you been hiding? We miss you so much and hope to see you soon! Like I said before, THIS YEAR THE KING WILL GO BACK ON HIS THROWN! GAME ON!!!!