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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Reggie Recap

For all those who missed it, our friend Reggie was on spike TV last night. The show was on pretty late, so I decided to DVR it. A couple of quotes that I found interesting on last nights show were; Zelda will be launching in the "fall". So much for a "early 2006" release huh?
Reggie also stated that the current version of the DS will eventually be phased out in favor of the new DS lite. He states that the current DS will continue to be sold but come August we might be only seeing Lite. He also stated that the DS Lite would be available in different colors. Black and white maybe???
When asked about when Nintendo will launch the Revolution, Reggie just smiled and said "Talk to me May 9th". As we all know, E3 will be held in the beginning of May and thus we will find out all details that are Revolution. Will Nintendo release this thanksgiving, or will they pull a surprise launch very reminiscent of apple's ipod nano? I am very excited about this May! Stay Tuned and Game ON!