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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

9-1-2006 Zelda Release?

Real info on release dates is hard to come by. Delays, rumors, speculation and everything in between have plagued the triumphant return of our hero Link. Nintendo fans have been waiting for Zelda Twilight Princess like its the second coming. A game that will for sure give us Nintendo fans reason to brag. You're waiting for it. I'm waiting for it. Everyone is waiting for it. So when is IT coming?

Well September 1, 2006 seems to be the new date now. We all knew that it was probably going to be coming in the fall (Reggie on spike TV) and my source tells me September 1st. From there I did some more research and found out that a major retailer is listing the game to come out on September 1st also. We will keep you posted on any new details surrounding Zelda Twilight Princess. September seems like so far away....Game ON!