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Thursday, February 16, 2006

2006; A "Revolution year"

Did you know that this year is a "revolution year". It's kind of like a leap year only with way better games. All kidding aside, we are now starting to get a steady flow of information on Nintendo's upcoming system; Nintendo Revolution. 3rd parties love the controller and seem to be lining up to make games for it. Tecmo, Square, EA, Capcom, Blitz, Atari, Ubi-soft..... The list goes on and on folks. Nintendo has stated that the Revolution will be a place where ideas will flourish and a new way of playing games will emerge.

We have already heard a number of rumors surrounding game development but nothing official has come out (besides Tecmo's golf game). As I write this post, I feel extremely excited and cannot wait to see what will happen in a couple of months from now. What other kind of add-ons will the controller be able to take the form of? What will the shell look like? E3 is not too far off and E3 no doubt be HUGE, but we may also get some solid info sooner rather than later. March 23 Nintendo will be holding a press conference on the upcoming system. Keep it here for all updates that is Nintendo. Thanks again for stopping by!