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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The wait will be worth it!

Twilight Princess. 2 words mean so much for the legion of fans for the series. Twilight Princess is the game that will put Nintendo back on the map. Twilight Princess will be the game to play this year. Pay attention Nintendo. EVERYBODY wants this one! The pain of waiting will all be erased when we crack open the game and place it into our systems. According to Nintendo power, the enemies are going to be something to talk about. Enemies will be more challenging, blades will bleed, and the evil Gannon will be ever present. Numerous sources have been saying that Gannon will play an important part in the new game. I'm anxious to see what that exactly means. Huge battles, tough enemies, beautiful graphics. Gamers rejoice, for link will rise up again! GAME ON!
(pic from ign)