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Saturday, January 07, 2006


We all know Nintendo's new system as our beloved revolution. This is the system that will change gaming forever. This is the system that will both bring back memories of old and create all new experiences. This is the system that will bring families together to play games with everyone; not just a single member. The name Nintendo Revolution just seems to fit with the new system. It has a sense of mystery and totally describes everything that the big N is aiming for. However, if you don't know, Nintendo may come up with a different name before the system is released. I have been hearing everything under the sun as to what the name might be. EVERYTHING! Well folks, here's my best guess. NRS. NRS...... has a nice ring to it doesn't it. What is NRS you say? Well, if you do notice, it has a striking resemblance to Nintendo DS, (which we all know how that little machine is doing). NRS. NINTENDO REVOLUTION SYSTEM. NRS, keeps the name revolution but simplifies it to make it attractive. Nintendo RS definitely has my vote for the next console name for Nintendo. What do you guys think? Come up with something and post it! I'll respond to your answers.