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Saturday, January 14, 2006

No News=Not-so-Good News

Did you ever hear the expression, no news is good news. I am here to tell everyone that that statement is false when it comes to Nintendo fans! It seems that we are about a month out on hearing anything truly new from the big N and I am in need if something new! We are an elite group of gamers starved for information regarding anything Nintendo. We are a group of gamers that understand that violence and sports aren't all what games need to be. We need innovation. We need fun new experiences. We need to stay up late and beat the last castle or unlock that new nintendo character. WE NEED MARIO! WE NEED POKEMON, Heck we even need the EVIL GANNON . And we will take violent and sports games too. All I am saying is that we understand what fun and games are all about. With Nintendo, we get a wide array of games. Ones that are sports, innovative, old, new and some downright weird. Nintendo has long been the creator and not a follower. They are the pioneers of videogames. I commend them for trying to do something different. D.I.C.E is coming up in February and our friend Reggie will be speaking on Nintendo's behalf. Let's hope there's more info on the revolution. We will be here to give you all info that is Nintendo. Game on!