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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nintendo=DS+GBA, Sony=PSP, Microsoft=XBOY?

I know that this news is NOT Nintendo news. However- it is my duty to bring you all of the up-to-the-minute video game news that my readers so greatly crave. My readers are hungry for every and any interesting video game news that I can conjure up. So here it is folks- Hot off the heels of the recently announced Nintendo DS lite, it seems as though handhelds are getting a lot of... play so to speak. There is now a rumor running rampant that the juggernaut that is Micro$oft might be entering in the handheld realm. It seems as though the device would be more of an ipodish device that would be able to play video games. This rumor comes courtesy of businessweek. Do you guys think this is a stab towards Nintendo or a low blow to Sony PSP? Who knows-- all I know is that I will be playing Mario Kart DS online tonight and ponder what BIG BILLY G is up to.... more as it develops...