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Monday, January 02, 2006

Love from Ubi

“The Revolution controller breaks the ‘push button’ experience of other platforms, where the player must go through an abstract action-pushing a button-to complete an action. With the Revolution, the action is completely natural and physical. We can propose new types of interactions that are easy and fun, as they rely on a simple gesture. We can translate into video game interactions all the tools you manipulate with your hand: the sculptor’s tool, the doctor’s scalpel, the fireman’s hose…imagine you are a doctor curing patients or an architect who builds his own house! It opens up so many possibilities that we already have too many ideas. All the designers that I’ve spoken with at Ubisoft are buzzing with amazing ideas.”

This quote from Ubisoft is from the most recent Nintendo Power. It has been floating around for a bit, and I have been meaning to post it so there it is for ya. I love the positive attitude that game companies are portraying with the Revolution. It seems as if the fun of game developement…and games in general is coming back into play. The creative juices are flowing!