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Friday, February 09, 2007

No MLB 2K7 For Wii

We have to report the good news as well as the bad; below is an article from the good guys over at Cubed3 explaining why we won't be seeing a MLB 2K7 title for Wii this year.

During a Q&A session, Kush Games' Ben Brinkman explained that Wii should see a game in Take2 Interactive's Major League Baseball series starting next year.

"We don't have MLB 2K7 on Wii this year," Brinkman noted when asked if a version of this year's MLB would appear on Wii. "We want to spend some time to really utilize the controls and this year wasn't going to provide us that time. Look for MLB 2K8 on Wii."

MLB 2K7 - developed collaboratively between Kush Games and 2KSports, the latter a studio owned by Take2 - is slated for a March 2007 release on PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox and Xbox 360.

In October 2006, 2KSports announced The Bigs, an original baseball sim planned to release on Wii during Summer 2007. To differentiate it from the MLB series, The Bigs will feature "outrageous visuals," with larger-than-life player models and ballparks, as well as power-ups that spark special effects. Additionally, the title is expected to feature online play for up to four players. Blue Castle Games is developing The Bigs in tandem with 2KSports.

Not a huge blow to the ever growing Wii library by any means, but still sad none the less. Oh well, The Bigs will probably be a lot more fun to play in the long run. What are your thoughts?