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Monday, February 05, 2007

Mario Galaxy is "Magic"

We all know that the next incarnation of every one's favorite plumber was for sure going to be a hit. The title is being labeled as the true successor to the ever popular Mario 64. No specific release date has been given, but I am confident that the following positive quote from the voice of Mario will hold some of you over.

The voice for Mario, Charles Martinet spoke with The Sun in the UK and had the following to say in relation to Mario Galaxy:

“Mario Galaxy is going to be the most exciting, amazing fun ever. I played a little preview of it and I had goosebumps of joy and was giddy with laughter. The new Wii controller has so much versatility and makes possible all these things you could never imagine doing before.”

“It is like magic. This game takes it to a completely different level for Mario. I’m not allowed to reveal yet what I say in Galaxy but I can tell you there will be some surprises.”