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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Perrin Kaplan speaks to Game Informer Magazine

The good guys at Game Informer magazine recently got a chance to speak to Nintendo of America’s VP of Marketing and Corporate Affairs and the following is an excerpt of that interview:

“With the supply-demand that we kind of project may occur, I think people would be very happy if we had more than four million. I think we’re going to sell every last unit we get…There are a lot of things going on that weren’t really happening in that particular era. It’s a different day in the gaming industry. I really think the Wii is going to change the direction of the game industry for good.”

“(regarding VC games at launch) It’s a fantastic meal served in different courses. If I gave you the whole thing at launch, it would be way too much to eat… Well for Virtual Console, we are looking at around (new releases) 10 per month…(regarding component cables availability) Yes, at retail and online… (regarding competition) They’re doing fine. They’re doing incredible. Microsoft’s watching Sony, Sony’s watching Microsoft. It’s interesting that we do realize they’re watching us but they’re really watching each other…(Wii over the competition) I think it could be the tortoise and the hare.”

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